• Computer and Laptop repairs

    Computer won’t turn on or freezing? We can fix it!

    Model 1
  • Virus Removals

    Pop ups & no control of your machine? Come to us!

    Model 2
  • iPhone Repairs

    Cracked screen or broken battery? No problem!

    Model 3

Time for an Upgrade?

Is your computer running that little bit slower than normal? Or has it been sitting in the corner because it was performing poorly and you have been using your iPad or tablet because it was quicker?

Why not bring your pc or laptop in for an upgrade?  We can look at Ram, Hard Drives, Power Supply and even a new Operating System to get the old girl up to speed.

We believe in repair over replace, but we know it has to be economical.  Why spend heaps of money on upgrading when you can get a new one for a similar price?

Yes, we know.  We work that out for you, give you your options and let you decide.

Bring your old pc or laptop in to the store, let's see what we can do for you!