• Computer and Laptop repairs

    Computer won’t turn on or freezing? We can fix it!

    Model 1
  • Virus Removals

    Pop ups & no control of your machine? Come to us!

    Model 2
  • iPhone Repairs

    Cracked screen or broken battery? No problem!

    Model 3

Can't make it to the Shop?

Not everyone is able to climb under their desk, unplug the million and one cords and cables connecting everything together and then drag their computer down to us.  Well, maybe we all can, maybe it is the working out where to plug everything BACK in is the nightmare.

Well, good news for you.....WE COME TO YOU!

Give us a call, have a chat to one of our friendly staff.  We can work out whether an onsite would be neccessary, or, depending on the symptoms, perform a pickup and drop-off service for you.


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