• Computer and Laptop repairs

    Computer won’t turn on or freezing? We can fix it!

    Model 1
  • Virus Removals

    Pop ups & no control of your machine? Come to us!

    Model 2
  • iPhone Repairs

    Cracked screen or broken battery? No problem!

    Model 3

Is your brand new machine running a bit slow?

Haven't had your machine serviced since you got it?

Had a major virus clean done on your machine and don't want to run the risk of it happening again?

Well, we have maintenance options for you to assist in making your life easier.

We physically clean your machine out by removing built up dust in fans and air vents (prevent thermal damage),

We perform all your driver updates (prevent driver incompatability issues)

We perform all your windows updates (prevent exploits and vulnerabilities in your Windows Operating System)

We clean out all your temporary files, update and run scans using your antivirus ( prevent virus infections, malware, viruses, adware and trojans).

Yep, all this is generally performed under either a basic service, or a full service.

We do both under a maintenance package.


Come down to the store to see how we can help you!